Chair comments on first advertorial on "facts" about Universal Credit

22 May 2019

Chair's comments

Commenting on today’s publication of the first of ten planned advertorials about the “facts” of Universal Credit - which the Committee has asked DWP a series of detailed questions about - Rt Hon Frank Field MP, Chair of the Work and Pensions Select Committee, said:

“If the DWP wants to understand the facts about Universal Credit, it could look to the horrific, harrowing evidence we heard this morning. People - mostly women, single mums, students – are telling us that they are forced through sheer desperation to exchange sex for the means to feed, house and warm themselves and their children. Instead of going out to get the evidence for itself, the DWP just dismisses this testimony as anecdote and brushes it aside. 

“Rather than wasting huge chunks of desperately needed resources on 10 weeks of advertorial, why won’t the Government just take a look at the terrible reality of the facts we and so many others are showing them, for free, and instead spend that money on making some of its claims about UC helping people come true?”

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