Chair comments on “profound injustice” in benefits system

05 September 2018

"The victims of this archaic policy are children, and reform might have cost nothing" - Frank Field writes to Minister for Family Support on bereavement benefits

Committee Chair Rt Hon Frank Field MP said

“The victims of this archaic policy are children, and the reform we suggested in 2016 might have cost nothing. It is quite incredible how the Government continues to resist righting this profound injustice, dismissing the Committee’s recommendations two years ago, fighting a grieving single mum all the way to the Supreme Court and even now, every day, telling another 5 bereaved parents that, because they weren’t married, their children will be penalised. The Select Committee will be taking up the cudgels to see this one family’s victory spread to all eligible families.”

The Committee has written to Family Support Minister Justin Tomlinson (PDF PDF 137 KB) with a series of questions on how Government intends to act in light of the Supreme Court ruling against it.

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