Work and Pensions Committee

Benefit cap inquiry

Inquiry status: open

Deadline for written submissions was Friday 7 April 2017.


Scope of the inquiry

The Committee invites written submissions addressing the following points:

  • The cap is intended to incentivise behavioural change amongst claimants and secure savings for the Exchequer. To what extent is it achieving that?
  • To what extent has claimant behaviour responded to the cap, through moving into work, moving house etc? What effect does the lower cap have on incentives, what are the barriers to behavioural change and how can they be overcome?  
  • Does the cap address high underlying rates of housing benefit and child benefit in a fair way?
  • What are the consequential costs of the cap for other public spending, such as that by local authorities?


Read the full terms of reference: Benefit cap

Latest evidence

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