Single-tier State Pension: Part 1 of the draft Pensions Bill

Inquiry concluded, Report and Government Response published.

The inquiry looks at the following aspects of the proposed reforms:

  • The impact of the proposals on particular groups such women with caring responsibilities, the self-employed, younger and older cohorts of future pensioners and future pensioners who will still rely on income-related benefits in retirement.
  • The proposed arrangements for the transition from the current system to the new one.
  • What impact the changes in the qualifying rules for a State Pension are likely to have.
  • How the proposals are likely to affect the future need for means-tested pensioner benefits and incentives to save for retirement.

The inquiry includes oral evidence from representatives of state pension recipients, experts and commentators, the pensions industry, employers  and employees, and the Government. The Government has asked the Committee to reports its findings by the Easter parliamentary recess (end of March).

Terms of reference, published on 22 January 2013.