Government support towards additional living costs of working-age disabled people

Inquiry status: Inquiry concluded, Report and Government Response published.

In the June 2010 Budget, the Government announced its intention to reform DLA by introducing a new assessment for eligibility. HM Treasury projected a 20% saving in expenditure and 20% reduction in caseload. DWP later announced proposals to replace DLA with PIP for working-age claimants and the broad framework for the new benefit and its eligibility assessment was included in the 2010 Welfare Reform Bill. The Committee’s inquiry looked at the Government’s policy objectives for PIP, considered the effectiveness of its consultation and examined the quality if its impact assessments. It also considered the draft criteria for the new assessment and how it will be administered. The Committee made recommendations aimed at ensuring the new assessment is fair and accurate.  The Committee’s Report was published on 19 February 2012.

Further information:
Government Response published, 18 May 2012
Report published, 19 February 2012 (PDF 1.69MB)
Written evidence called for, 13 July 2011