Committee examine how employers use non-disclosure agreements

13 February 2019

The Women and Equalities Committee questions employers as part of its inquiry into the use of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in discrimination cases.

Purpose of the session

This fourth session will focus on:

  • how employers use NDAs, particularly in discrimination cases;
  • guidance, safeguards and oversight to ensure appropriate use of NDAs;
  • whether reducing the use of NDAs affects employers’ ability to settle discrimination cases;
  • whether safeguards and systems could be implemented to prevent misuse.


Wednesday 13 February 2019, Wilson Room, Portcullis House

At 9.50am

  • Myfanwy Barrett, Managing Director, Corporate Resources, House of Commons
  • Saira Salimi, Speaker's Counsel, House of Commons
  • Rupert McNeil, Government Chief People Officer, Civil Service

At approximately 10.40am

  • Sarah Jones, Group General Counsel, BBC
  • Anna Purchas, Head of People, KPMG
  • Larissa Reed, Executive Director Neighbourhoods, Communities and Housing, Brighton and Hove Council
  • John Rumney, Solicitor, South Tyneside City Council

Further information

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