Will Equalities and Human Rights Commission take action against the BBC?

01 February 2018

Chair of the Women and Equalities Committee Maria Miller has asked the EHRC whether it has plans to take enforcement action against the BBC.

In a letter to EHRC Chair David Isaac, the Committee asks:

  • What deadline the BBC has been given for responding to their letter of early January
  • What criteria the EHRC will use for deciding whether to take further action, and what range of possible actions will be considered
  • Whether the published information about BBC salaries – including the details recently made public – provides sufficient basis for the EHRC to take formal enforcement action against the BBC and whether it has plans to do this.

The Committee is concerned with the effectiveness of the Equality Act and the EHRC's crucial and unique role in that.

The letter concludes: "The example of the BBC is one with such a high public profile, and therefore one with such potential to set cultural expectations, that we are keen to understand more about why the Commission would not already be taking formal enforcement action in this instance."

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