Women and Equalities Committee

Women's experiences of everyday sexism and sexual harassment inquiry

Inquiry status: Concluded

Oral evidence concluded.

Scope of the inquiry

The Women and Equalities Committee is to consider the issue of sexism and sexual harassment faced by women, including why it happens, what the impact is and how to prevent it.

The Committee will want to understand: 

  • The evidence about women's experiences of a sexist culture and sexual harassment
  • The causes of sexual harassment and how it links to a sexist culture
  • The legal and policy framework for tackling it
  • How to prevent sexual harassment from happening.

Latest evidence


Help and support

If you would like support about sexual harassment or other sexual abuse you may wish to contact a specialist support service such as:

Committees of the House of Commons are not able to take up individual cases but if you would like to discuss what action is being taken locally on these issues you may wish to contact your local Member of Parliament, Local Authority or Police and Crime Commissioner

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