Women and Equalities Committee

Sexual harassment of women and girls in public places inquiry

Inquiry status: Concluded

Report and Government response published.

Report published

Sexual harassment pervades the lives of women and girls and is deeply ingrained in our culture.

This report, which follows the Committee’s reports on schools and workplaces, focuses on sexual harassment in public places: on public transport, in bars and clubs, in online spaces and at university, in parks and on the street; it is a routine and sometimes relentless experience for women and girls, many of whom first experience it at a young age.

Government response published

Scope of the inquiry

Following the emergence of widespread allegations in the UK and US about sexual assault and harassment across a wide range of sectors, the Committee held a once off evidence session on women's experiences of everyday sexism in December 2017.

The Committee's report, Sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools, made recommendations to Government that have been influential in changing Government policy, including making Relationships and Sex Education compulsory in schools and publishing guidance for schools on how to tackle sexual violence.

The Committee is not focusing on workplaces in this inquiry, although it understands that there are connections between the experiences of women and girls in different areas of life.

The Committee recognises that anyone can be a perpetrator or victim of sexual harassment. In this inquiry, however, the focus is on sexual harassment of women and girls and its connections to gender inequality. We are also interested in how age, ethnicity, sexuality and other characteristics affect women's experiences.

Terms of reference: Sexual harassment of women and girls in public places

Help and support

If you would like support about sexual harassment or other sexual abuse you may wish to contact a specialist support service such as:


For advice relating to sexual harassment in the workplace, you can contact:


Committees of the House of Commons are not able to take up individual cases but if you would like to discuss what action is being taken locally on these issues you may wish to contact your local Member of Parliament, Local Authority or Police and Crime Commissioner

If you submit evidence responding to the terms of reference of the inquiry into Sexual harassment of women and girls in public places it will be circulated to Members of the Committee and published.

Thank you for your interest in our work.

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