Women and Equalities Committee

Disability and the built environment inquiry

Inquiry status: Concluded

Report published. Awaiting a Government Response.

Due to the general election on 8 June 2017 the Committee has now closed this inquiry, Government responses to committee reports may be published in the next Parliament.

Report published

The Women and Equalities Committee says the Government must act to lead the charge in improving access and inclusion in the built environment. This should include public procurement, fiscal initiatives and transparently modelling best practice – and bringing the full range of work on improving access and inclusion in the built environment into a coherent and transparent strategy, with the Department for Communities and Local Government held responsible for making this happen.

Scope of the inquiry

The accessibility of our homes, buildings and public spaces is an issue not just for those of us with a permanent physical disability. With an ageing population, it is likely that more and more of us will experience reduced mobility in our lifetime. There are also other needs to consider, such as mental health. In this inquiry we explore the extent to which those needs are considered and accommodated in our built environment, and ask whether more could be done to increase the accessibility and inclusivity of both new and existing properties and spaces.


Read all transcripts, written evidence and other material related to the inquiry on disability and the built environment.

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