Representation of Consumer Interests in Wales

The Committee’s inquiry will examine the implications for consumers of the Government’s proposals for transferring the powers and functions of Consumer Focus Wales to Citizen’s Advice. The Committee seeks your views on how consumer interests in Wales should be best represented in the future.

In announcing the inquiry, the Chair of the Committee, David T.C. Davies MP stated; “The Committee is keen to ensure that consumers in Wales are represented robustly. The Public Bodies lays open the possibility that the consumer landscape will change markedly in Wales and the Committee’s intention is to investigate both the current role of Consumer Focus Wales and any implications that may arise from any changes proposed by BIS.”

1. Deadline for written evidence: 27 September 2011.

2. First evidence session: 18 October 2011.

3. Report published: 10 January 2012. Report Vol 1 (PDF 356 KB), Vol 2.

4. Government response received and to be published on 23 May 2012.

5. Inquiry closed.