Future of Welsh Regiments

Chairs comment

"Many members of the Committee including myself have been very concerned to hear suggestions that we may lose some of the Welsh Regiments including the Queen’s Dragoon Guards. Given our concerns, we have decided to do a short inquiry into this. We’ve asked the Ministry of Defence to come and give evidence and explain how these decisions will be taken. I understand they don’t wish to attend, which I find very disappointing.

Despite their lack of co-operation and the very short notice, we will do our best to hold a quick inquiry and report as soon as possible, and I am very grateful to the other Members of the Committee for their assistance in this."

Committee Member Jessica Morden MP said: “I am very concerned particularly about the suggestion that we might lose the Queen’s Dragoon Guards, or the Welsh Cavalry, which has recently returned from tour of duty in Afghanistan. It is very important that we get some transparency on this decision and I am pleased that we are undertaking this inquiry at short notice to try and get some answers."


1. Written evidence submissions were received.

2. An evidence session was held on Thursday 5 July 2012. Watch. Read.

3. Government response received on 10 August 2012.

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