Parliament comes to Cardiff

27 October 2011

Parliament comes to Cardiff: David T.C. Davies MP will lead an event looking at the work of MPs and Committees

Committee to launch inquiry into support for veterans in Wales at Cardiff event.

On Monday 31 October the UK Parliament will host the first of two free events in Wales, open to the public, on how people can engage in the work of Parliament.

Welsh Affairs Committee Chair David TC Davies will lead the morning session in Cardiff on the work of an MP and how Parliamentary Committees work.

David Davies has previously been a Welsh Assembly Member and also served on Welsh Assembly Committees so has a unique overview of both legislatures and will explore the work of both and how they work together.

The Committee will also use the opportunity to launch their inquiry into the support for armed forces veterans in Wales. There are nearly a quarter of a million armed forces veterans in Wales. These men and women who have served their country with distinction, sometimes in the gravest of danger, deserve the best help that can be provided when they leave the military and return to civilian life.

The Committee has decided to undertake an inquiry into the Support for Armed Forces Veterans in Wales. The inquiry will examine cross-border co-ordination as it affects veterans and the level of co-ordination between the Ministry of Defence, the Wales Office and the Welsh Government.

Members of the public can book a place at this event, which begins at 10am at the National Museum in Cardiff,  or telephone: 020 7219 1650

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