Third evidence session on energy generation in Wales: Shale Gas

04 December 2013

The Welsh Affairs Committee will hold its third evidence session on Shale Gas in Wales on Monday 9 December 2013 at 4.15 pm. The Committee will take evidence from the Welsh Government.

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Shale gas is natural gas (predominately methane) found in shale rocks. Advances in technology – notably hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’ – over the last decade have made shale gas development economically viable. Planning permission has been given at a number of sites in Wales for exploratory drilling for shale gas. Further planning permission would be required for a full-scale extraction process.

The Committee will examine the potential for shale gas exploration and commercial-level extraction in Wales. It will also explore co-ordination between the UK Government and Welsh Government, the Welsh Government’s role in the regulatory process, and the environmental and economic impact of shale gas.

Evidence session details:

Date:        Monday 9 December 2013
Time:        4.15 pm
Location:  Committee Room, House of Commons (exact location to be confirmed)


Ron Loveland, Energy Advisor, Welsh Government

This evidence session is open to the public and press, all are welcome to attend. The venue is fully accessible. There is no need to reserve a place but if you would like more information please contact the Committee on 020 7219 6189 or

Further information

This is the third in a series of inquiries that the Committee will hold into energy generation in Wales during this Parliament.

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