Chair writes to Damian Green asking about Brexit and implications for Wales

07 November 2017

David T. C. Davies MP, Chair of the Welsh Affairs Committee, writes to First Secretary of State Rt. Hon. Damian Green MP seeking clarification on a number of points relating to Brexit and its implications for Wales.


The publishing of this letter follows the Committee launching an inquiry into Brexit and its implications for Welsh agriculture, trade and the repatriation of powers.

Since launching its inquiry, the Committee has held two evidence sessions. These focused on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, its impact on the current Welsh devolution settlement, and possible future changes to agriculture and trade policy frameworks following Brexit. Whilst the Committee has not yet concluded its inquiry, a number of issues have been raised over the course of these two sessions, and it is with these in mind that the Committee Chair has written to the First Secretary of State.

Purpose of the letter

The letter seeks information on the following points:

  • Whether the UK Government has completed a risk assessment for the impact of Brexit on Wales, and whether this can be shared with the Committee
  • Policy areas which will be devolved without a need for agreement by common frameworks and those for which UK-wide common frameworks would be required
  • How frequently the Joint Ministerial Committee (European Negotiations) will meet going forward
  • The Government's preferred model of consultation with the devolved administrations and what preparatory work is being undertaken on common framework governance models

Chair's comments

David T. C. Davies said:

"As the Committee continues to examine the implications of Brexit for Welsh agriculture, trade, and how powers will be repatriated following the UK's departure from the EU, we would welcome a response from the First Secretary of State on these key points ahead of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill's return to the House of Commons.

An insight into the Government's priorities and future plans will be vital as our inquiry continues to examine the issues, gauge opinion and make recommendations as to the best way forward for Wales."

Further information

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