Broadcasting in Wales

17 September 2015

The Welsh Affairs Committee announces an inquiry into the future of broadcasting in Wales.

Terms of reference

The committee invites written evidence on the following issues:

  • The implications of further efficiency savings on broadcasting in Wales
  • The suitability of current broadcasting governance and accountability arrangements in Wales
  • The cultural importance of English and Welsh language broadcasting
  • The economic impact of broadcasting in Wales
  • The implications of a reduction of English language programming output
  • Whether funding for Welsh language broadcasting should be ring-fenced

Interested parties are requested to keep to a word limit of 3,000 words and to focus on key areas that the Committee should investigate during its inquiry. The Committee will begin taking oral evidence in November, and will continue its inquiry into the new year. The deadline for written submissions will be Thursday 29 October at 18.00. Written evidence should be submitted via this link. The Welsh Affairs Committee welcomes written evidence in either English or Welsh.

Further information

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