Committee to examine implications for Wales of EU referendum result

28 July 2016

The Welsh Affairs Committee are holding an inquiry into the implications for Wales of the EU referendum result.

The EU referendum saw 52.5% of voters in Wales chose to leave the EU. It is still early days for the new Government, in terms of negotiating the UK’s exit from the EU. However, it is important that Wales has a voice during this process, and that the implications for Wales are examined.

As the negotiations proceed, the Committee will call witnesses to give evidence on a broad range of threads that make up the exit process. The Committee has already asked initial questions of the Secretary of State on these matters, at its evidence session on 19 July.

Chair's Comment

On launching the inquiry, Committee Chair David TC Davies commented:

"It is essential that the democratic decision to leave the European Union is fulfilled. Alongside this, it is key that Wales is on the front foot to benefit from new opportunities that will come from Brexit. We have launched this inquiry, as it is essential that the negotiations to leave Brexit are scrutinised from a Welsh perspective, and that Wales’ voice is heard.

Just as the negotiations are expected to take some time to conclude, this inquiry too will be ongoing. We will announce our sessions in order to inform negotiating positions, and also to react to events as they happen."

Send a written submission 

At this point, written evidence is invited to inform the Committee of the issues that Welsh people want to be raised in the negotiations. Interested parties are requested to keep to a word limit of 1,000 words. The Committee intends to take oral evidence in October, and will do so periodically after that.

Send a written submission to the Welsh Affairs Committee's inquiry into implications for Wales of the EU referendum result.

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