The impact of changes to housing benefit in Wales

The Committee invited written submissions and observations on the following issues:

• the impact of the housing benefit reforms in Wales;

• whether the housing benefit policy is coherent and enables access to homes in Wales; and

• whether benefit reform is in danger of driving private landlords out of the low income rental market, thereby increasing shortages to social housing.

The Committee was particularly interested to hear from individuals who were affected by these reforms.


1. The Committee asked for written submissions by 15 January 2013. If you would like to submit evidence after this date, please contact Committee staff.  View evidence received to date.

2. The first evidence session was held on Monday 11 March 2013. Watch. Read.

3. The second evidence session was held on Monday 15 April 2013 at the Senedd, National Assembly for Wales. Watch.

4. The third evidence session was held on Tuesday 16 April 2013. Watch. Read.  

5. The fourth evidence session was held on 14 May 2013 where Lord Freud gave evidence to the Committee.  Watch. Read.

6. Current position:  A report is being prepared.

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