Support for Armed Forces Veterans in Wales

In announcing the inquiry, the Chair of the Committee, David T.C. Davies MP stated; “Wales has a long and proud relationship with the armed forces. Welsh military personnel have made an enormous contribution to the defence of the United Kingdom and in ongoing conflicts around the world. It is incumbent upon us to ensure that veterans and their families are given the best possible support when they leave the military and return to civilian life.”

The Committee will examine:

  • The provision of support services to armed forces veterans and their families in Wales by the MoD, including resettlement provision;
  • The provision of medical and mental health services for veterans in Wales, including cross-border implications;
  • Co-ordination between the MoD, the Wales Office and the Welsh Government, in the provision of services for veterans; and
  • The impact on Welsh veterans of any legally-enshrined military covenant and obligations as it relates to veterans.


1. Deadline for written evidence: 18 November 2011. 

2. Visit to St Dunstan's Centre in Llandudno: 6 February 2012.

3. First evidence session: 7 February 2012. 

4. Second evidence session: 13 March 2012. Watch. 

5. Third evidence session: 15 May 2012. Watch

6. Fourth evidence session: 21 May 2012. 

7. Fifth evidence session: 19 June 2012. Watch. 

8. Sixth evidence session: 25 October 2012.

9. Seventh evidence session:  30 October 2012. Watch. 

10. Eighth evidence session: 6 November 2012.  Watch.  

11. The Report Support for Armed Forces Veterans in Wales (PDF 118 KB) was published on 12 February 2013.

12. The Government response was published on 11 June 2013.

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