The committee considered:

• The extent to which S4C was fulfilling its remit;

• What impact recent and potential future spending cuts will have on S4C and what level of public subsidy for S4C is appropriate and sustainable over the longer term;

• The cultural and economic benefit to Wales from the investment of over £100 m per annum of public funds into S4C;

• Whether S4C is maximising the use of its financial and other resources to achieve value for money, to optimise the quality of its output, and to reach as wide an audience as possible;

• The potential for further collaboration between S4C, the BBC and independent broadcasters in Wales in order to reduce duplication and to achieve economies of scale; and

• Whether the finance and accountability of S4C, currently the responsibility of the Department of Culture Media and Sport, should remain in Whitehall or become a devolved matter.

The Committee will also examine other areas of interest that are raised during the course of its inquiry.


1. The deadline for written submissions was Monday 15 November 2010. 

2. First evidence session: 23 November 2010.

3. Second evidence session: 30 November 2010.

4. Third evidence session: 14 December 2010.

5. Fourth evidence session: 11 January 2011.

6. Fifth evidence session: 18 January 2011.

7. Report published: 11 May 2011.

S4C Report Volume 1

S4C Report Volume 2

8. Responses:

S4C Authority Response to the Committee's Report on S4C

Department for Culture, Media and Sport response to the Committee's Report on S4C

9. Inquiry closed.