Inward Investment in Wales

The committee will examine:

  • The current level of foreign investment in Wales and how this compares with regions of the UK, and the potential for increased investment in Wales in both traditional sectors such as manufacturing, and emerging sectors including IT and energy;
  • The role played by the Welsh Assembly Government and the UK Government in attracting foreign investment and the effectiveness of co-operation between government agencies;
  • The support available to organisations involved in promoting Wales as a location for investors;
  • The level of public sector investment in Wales taking into account the likely impact of the Comprehensive Spending Review in October, and efforts to relocate civil service jobs from Whitehall to Wales; and
  • The conditions necessary to attract foreign investors to Wales including, but not limited to, issues such as transport infrastructure, skills levels and levels of taxation and other financial incentives.


1. Deadline for written evidence: 26 November 2010.

2. First evidence session: 8 March 2011.

3. Second evidence session: 15 March 2011.

4. Third evidence session: 4 April 2012.

5. Fourth evidence session: 7 June 2011.

6. Fifth evidence session: 14 June 2011. 

7: Sixth evidence session: 30 June 2011. 

8. Seventh evidence session: 15 September 2011.

9. Eight evidence session: 8 November 2011.

10. Ninth evidence session: 5 December 2011. 

11. Report published: 21 February 2012. Read Report: Vol 1 (PDF 911KB), Vol 2 (PDF 1.91MB), Vol 3 (PDF 1.12MB).

12. Government Response published on 20 June 2012. 

13. Inquiry concluded. 

12. There will be a Westminster Hall debate on the Committee's Report on Inward Investment in Wales on Thursday 29 November 2012 from 1.30pm.


On Wednesday 30 March 2011, the Welsh Grand Committee met to consider the Budget as it relates to Wales. This is relevant to the Inward investment in Wales inquiry.

Watch the morning session 30 March 2011 AM

Watch the afternoon session 30 March 2011 PM