Broadband in Wales

The Committee has agreed to undertake an inquiry into Broadband Services, which will examine:

  • The current provision of broadband services in Wales
  • The UK Government’s broadband strategy, with particular regard to its potential impact on Wales
  • The case for further Next Generation Access (‘super-fast’ broadband) pilot projects based in Wales
  • The extent to which the strategy of the UK Government will complement the Welsh Assembly Government’s priorities for the future of broadband in Wales
  • Progress made towards promoting digital inclusion in Wales, including evidence of the take-up of broadband support schemes on offer
  • Progress made towards improving the provision of   throughout Wales and eradicating broadband ‘notspots’
  • Progress made towards improving mobile broadband coverage in Wales.


1. Deadline for written evidence: Tuesday 3 May 2011. 

2. First evidence session: 5 July 2011. Watch. Read.

3. Second evidence session: 11 October 2011. Watch. Read.

4. Third evidence session: 22 November 2011. Watch. Read.

5. Report (PDF 5.04MB) published on 17 September 2012. 

6.  Current position: Government response received as Command Paper CM 8461 (PDF 185KB).

7. Ofcom response received on 15 October 2012.  This was published as Broadband Services in Wales: Ofcome Response to the Committee's First Report of Session 2012-12 (HC 806) (PDF 464KB) on 13 December 2012.