Treasury Committee takes evidence from HSBC and HMRC

19 February 2015

The Treasury Committee takes evidence on recent allegations about HSBC’s Swiss private bank. Members will question Douglas Flint, Group Chairman, HSBC, and representatives from HM Revenue and Customs.

Andrew Tyrie MP, Chairman of the Treasury Committee, said:

The Committee is concerned about allegations involving HSBC and its Swiss private bank. It has decided to take oral evidence from both HSBC and HMRC.

Banks have repeatedly told the Committee that, since the crisis, they have put in place reforms to ensure that they operate on the basis of sharply improved standards. The Committee will need reassurance that they have done so in private banking. The Committee will also examine whether part of the banks’ apparent ‘solution’ – de-risking – may have created another problem, that of unreasonably denying customers access to banking services.


Wednesday 25 February, 2.15pm, Committee Room 8, Palace of Westminster

At 2.15pm

  • Douglas Flint, Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings plc
  • Stuart Gulliver, Group Chief Executive, HSBC Holdings plc

At 4.15pm (approx)

  • Lin Homer, Chief Executive and Permanent Secretary, HM Revenue and Customs
  • Edward Troup, Tax Assurance Commissioner and Second Permanent Secretary, HM Revenue and Customs
  • Jennie Granger, Director General, Enforcement and Compliance, HM Revenue and Customs

Image: PA

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