Chair of Treasury Committee elected

10 June 2010

Following the elections for the posts of Select Committee Chair on Wednesday 9 June, Mr Andrew Tyrie MP has been elected by the House to be Chair of the Treasury Committee.

Mr Tyrie will take up the position formally when the remaining members of the Committee are nominated by the House in the coming weeks. Mr Tyrie made the following statement:

“I am immensely honoured to be the first directly elected Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee. A big job lies ahead of the Committee in the coming weeks and months. It has a crucial role to play in Parliament and more widely at a difficult time for the economy. I look forward to the rest of the committee being formed, so that we can get to work.

The process of the election and the engagement across party lines was heartening, and can only help revive and strengthen Parliamentary democracy. It has also been good that these contests, including my own, took place between colleagues in such a constructive manner.”

For a full breakdown of the results of the elections for Select Committee chairs, please see:

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