HMRC responds to Nicky Morgan about Lycamobile

30 April 2018

Following the publication of a story by BuzzFeed last week—'The UK refused to raid a company suspected of money laundering, citing its Tory donations'—Rt Hon. Nicky Morgan MP, Chair of the Treasury Committee, wrote to Jon Thompson, Chief Executive of HMRC, last week.

BuzzFeed reported on a leaked HMRC email about a French investigation into Lycamobile, which raised disturbing questions about HMRC’s approach to international cooperation in the fight against economic crime.

Chair's comments

The Treasury Committee has today published HMRC’s response. Commenting on the correspondence, Mrs Morgan said:

"Mr Thompson said that the inclusion of information about Lycamobile’s political donations in the leaked email was irrelevant to the decision that HMRC had taken about the French investigation. He called the inclusion of such information ‘a mistake’.

I will ask HMRC to provide a reassurance that similar mistakes have not been made in response to other such requests from overseas authorities.

As part of the Committee’s inquiry into economic crime, and the Sub-Committee’s inquiry into tax avoidance and evasion, we will examine HMRC’s conduct in pursuing investigations into money laundering and tax fraud."

Further information

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