Treasury Committee

Restoration and Renewal of the Palace of Westminster inquiry

Inquiry status: Concluded

This inquiry closed on 3 May 2017, when Parliament dissolved for the general election. The inquiry cannot be re-opened, but the Committee may choose to hold another inquiry on this subject in the future and may refer to the evidence gathered in previous parliaments if it does so.

Scope of the inquiry

The Treasury Committee examines the Restoration and Renewal Programme. Restoration and Renewal is likely to be one of the largest major restorations in the history of the public sector estate. The consultants have estimated that the cost, if carried out over the minimum period of 5-8 years, will be between £3.5 and £4 billion.

A Joint Committee of both House of Parliament reported on the options presented by the consultants.


Terms of reference: Restoration and Renewal of the Palace of Westminster

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