Retail Distribution Review - further information

Report and Response

The Report was published on 16 July 2011 and the Government and FSA's Response was published on 5 November 2011. Transcripts of the evidence session can be found at the back of the Report, along with written evidence submitted by the witnesses.

Written evidence

Written evidence from oral witnesses is published with the Report. Additional written evidence is published separately.

  • Additional written evidence (HMTL version) 
  • Additional written evidence (PDF version)

    Oral evidence

    The following oral evidence session was held as part of this inquiry. The transcript of the session was published with the Report.

    Wednesday 9 March 2011  

    Parliament TV: watch the webcast of the session

    Witnesses: Hector Sants, Chief Executive, Financial Services Authority, and Sheila Nicoll, Director, Conduct Policy, Financial Services Authority.

    Call for evidence

  • Terms of reference of inquiry