Private Finance Initiative - further information

Detailed below is further information for the Treasury Commitee inquiry into the Private Finance Initiative:

Report and Government Response

The Report was published on 19 August 2011 and the Government Response to the Report was published on 11 January 2012. Copies of the transcripts can be found at the back of the Report as well as witnesses' written evidence:

Written evidence

Written evidence from oral witnesses is published with the Report. Additional written evidence is published separately.

  • Additional written evidence - HTML version
  • Additional written evidence - PDF version

    Oral evidence

    As part of this inquiry the Committee held the following evidence session. The transcript is published with the Report.

    Tuesday 14 June

    Parliament TV: watch the webcast of the session

    Witnesses: Richard Abadie, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Andy Friend, Chairman, InfraMed, James Wardlaw, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs, Professor Dieter Helm, Oxford University, Steve Allen, Managing Director, Finance, Transport for London, Professor James Barlow, Imperial College, Anthony Rabin, Deputy Chief Executive, Balfour Beatty, Jo Webber, Deputy director of Policy, NHS confederation

    image: istockphoto