Transport Committee visits Birmingham

16 November 2010

The Commons Transport Select Committee takes oral evidence in public today from local organisations in Birmingham as part of its inquiry into transport and the economy. The Committee will be hearing from local business and community leaders about their transport priorities and how these can deliver future economic growth.

The Committee has chosen to visit Birmingham because the city – with the surrounding area – has one of the most extensive transport systems in the UK.

This includes the largest bus network outside London, numerous motorway links including the M6 Toll and ‘spaghetti junction’, extensive rail services, Midland Metro, Birmingham International Airport, canals and cycleways. These are set to expand, with extensions to the light rail system and the airport.

In addition, the City Council has recently concluded a major Private Finance Initiative (PFI) deal for the maintenance of its roads.

The Committee is inquiring into whether the most important schemes are being identified and prioritised by the Government, in order to support the economy, both nationally and in the regions.

The Committee also wants to hear how major transport schemes will be promoted in the absence of regional plans or bodies.


At 10.45 am

  • Birmingham City Council
  • Centro 

At 11.25 am

  • Birmingham Chamber of Commerce
  • Freightliner
  • Birmingham International Airport
  • Birmingham Forward 

At 12.05 pm

  • London Midland
  • National Express
  • Birmingham Retail Business Improvement District
  • West Midlands Environmental Sustainability Forum

These timings are approximate and the sessions may start slightly earlier or later than advertised.

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