Transport Committee advertises for a Specialist Adviser

27 June 2013

The Transport Select Committee is looking for an expert on highways and traffic policy to provide specialist advice on a consultancy basis

Applicants should be prepared to provide expert advice to committee members on matters pertaining to highways and traffic on request, both in writing and in oral presentations. Advice may be requested generally (for example, to explain options for investment in strategic roads) or in relation to a specific committee inquiry (for example, to read and comment on written evidence, suggest witnesses for oral evidence and help with the preparation of briefing notes and draft reports). Successful applicants will work closely with committee support staff in the preparation of advice, briefing material and reports for the Committee, particularly in relation to the Committee’s forthcoming inquiry into the strategic road network.

The successful applicant will:

  • have a profound understanding of public policy issues relating to the  highways and traffic sector, good contacts with main players in the industry and an awareness of best practice in the UK and abroad;
  • have excellent written and oral communication skills, including demonstrable experience of working with politicians and/or senior decision makers;
  • be able to attend committee meetings in London when required to do so and to work to tight deadlines; and
  • respect the confidentiality of committee proceedings.

Louise Ellman MP, Chair of the Transport Select Committee, said:

“A specialist adviser can provide invaluable assistance to the committee in getting to grips with Government policy on highways and traffic issues. In return, he or she can gain an insight into the work of Parliament, and the vital scrutiny function of a select committee.”

Information and notes for those wishing to apply

The appointment is for 12 months, with the option of renewal at the end of this period. Advisers are paid for the days they work for the committee plus expenses. Rates are dependent upon experience and knowledge.

Anyone who is interested in taking this role is asked to provide a statement of no more than 750 words (a) giving examples of how they meet the criteria listed above and (b) suggesting, with reasons, three issues which the Committee should focus on in its new inquiry on the strategic road network.

Applicants should send their statements and a current CV to the Transport Select Committee at by Monday 22 July.

For further information, please contact Richard Jeremy, Committee Specialist, on 020 7219 2863 or

Further information

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