Transport Committee launches new inquiry

23 November 2010


Terms of reference and call for evidence

The Transport Committee is to undertake an inquiry into effective road and traffic management, in the light of the Government’s decision not to introduce road pricing on existing roads (except in relation to HGVs).

The Committee wishes to examine how roads and traffic can be better managed in order to reduce congestion, encompassing both the major road network and urban roads. It would particularly welcome written evidence on:

the prevalence and impact of traffic congestion and likely future trends;

  • the extent to which the Government and local authorities should intervene to alleviate congestion and the best means of doing so;
  • the extent to which road user culture and behaviour undermines effective traffic management, including the relevance to today’s road users of the Highway Code;
  •  intelligent traffic management schemes, such as the scheme which has operated on the M42, and their impact on congestion and journey times;
  • the effectiveness of legislative provisions for road management under the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 and the Traffic Management Act 2004; and
  • the impact of bus lanes and other aspects of road layout.

The Committee would welcome evidence about congestion and road and traffic management in specific locations in England, as well as submissions covering broader themes. Oral evidence will be heard in the New Year.

Written submissions are invited by Tuesday 18 January 2011 and should be e-mailed to 

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