Transport Committee questions cycling advocates and ministers on cycling safety

24 April 2012

At the close of oral evidence for its inquiry examining the Government's road safety strategy, the Transport Committee takes evidence about the safety issues facing the growing numbers of cyclists on UK roads from cycling advocates and from transport ministers responsible for the Government's policies on road safety and cycling.

At this session the Committee will question transport ministers Mike Penning and Norman Baker, who are responsible for the Government’s policies on road safety and cycling. MPs want to ensure that their questions to these ministers reflect the most pressing safety concerns for cyclists using UK roads.

As part of the evidence session the Committee will also hear evidence from newscaster and cycling advocate Jon Snow, Times newspaper Editor and cycling campaigner James Harding and cycling advocate and author Josie Dew.

Before the evidence session the Committee asked for questions on cycling to be submitted via twitter


Tuesday 24 April 2012, Committee Room 8

At 10.10 am

  • Jon Snow, newscaster and cycling advocate
  • James Harding, Times editor
  • Josie Dew, author and cycling advocate

At 11am

Department for Transport

  • Mike Penning MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State
  • Norman Baker MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State

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