Have your say: town centre parking charges and enforcement

26 June 2013

In a guest post to the Which? Conversation blog, the Transport Committee invites the public to explain how far current parking enforcement practices put them off using their local high street.

In a guest blog post on Which? Conversation placed as part of a current inquiry into local authority parking enforcement, Louise Ellman, Chair of the Transport Select Committee asks the public today whether free parking would encourage people to shop in their local town centre and how far parking restrictions and charges put them off.

"We are interested to learn how far parking policy is a significant influence of whether or not people visit their local town centre. We are particularly keen to hear directly from ordinary consumers, whose views and comments will help to inform the questions we put to representatives of local authorities, the parking adjudicators, and to the Department for Transport Minister on 8 July.

"At the end of our inquiry we'll be using all the information we have received to write a report with recommendations to Government on how to move forward with parking issues. This is your chance to have a say.

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