Cycle ministers answer twitter questions during Transport Committee evidence session

25 April 2012

On 24 April the Transport Committee held an oral evidence session with transport ministers Mike Penning and Norman Baker. MPs on the Committee wanted to ensure that their questions reflected the most pressing concerns around cycling so asked the public via twitter 'What cycle safety question would you like MPs to ask transport ministers?' Twitter users were asked to submit their question by tagging it with the hashtag #AskCycleMinisters.

About #AskCycleMinisters

Between 16 and 20 April the Committee gathered 744 #AskCycleMinisters tweets, the majority of which were substantive questions on cycling policy. 

Infrastructure, planning and investment

@GBCycleEmbassy @UKParliament Why can't local authorities provide the same quality of infrastructure for bikes as they do for cars? #askcycleministers

@VigilanteCycle @UKParliament Will you acknowledge that non-motor transport should be given equal footing when planning infrastructure? #AskCycleMinisters

@AdrenalinJunky #AskCycleMinisters Why won't the gov't invest in safe cycle infrastructure like The Netherlands?

@CraftyDutchie: And why are you not making cycling infrastructure in local council areas mandatory? #AskCycleMinisters

@ChesterCycling Why is cycle infrastructure not planned for in road maintenance & new projects, instead dangerously tacked on afterwards? #askcycleministers

@DoctorRad #askcycleministers why so much money goes to facilities for cars when return on investment is so much better for cycling infrastructure?

@HarshCryJukebox @UKParliament #AskCycleMinisters Is developing cycling infrastructure going to ever happen? Segregated bike lanes - is it on your agenda?

@pauljames If the government wants to encourage cycling why not ring-fence a %age of the transport budget for cycling infrastructure #AskCycleMinisters

@RuthRosselson When are you going to prioritise spending on PROPER cycling infrastructure instead of new roads? #AskCycleMinisters

@ReadGlen #AskCycleMinisters @UKParliament Can we have more separate cycle lanes please?  More cyclists on the road = safer cycling. Educate drivers!

@JHellings Why are dedicated cycle paths and physically segregated cycle lanes so rare? Cycling intimidating despite huge benefits #askcycleministers

@witnwis @ukparliament #AskCycleMinisters why can't all new roads be required to include a proper. protected cycle lane?  That would build a network

Driver awareness, attitudes and behaviour

@LancasterDynamo Driver education: What are Ministers' plans to improve driver awareness, attitudes and behaviour around cyclists? #askcycleministers

@oldal  Cycle awareness training for all motorists. As part of the driving test and, as part of speeding awareness courses #askcycleministers

@CPRE Will the DfT follow its road safety research and run a campaign to encourage drivers to share roads with cyclists? #AskCycleMinisters

@Downfader: #AskCycleMinisters - will you PLEASE invest in TV and media ads to reinforce #cyclists rights to the road and their position on it?

@Fibigibi13 #AskCycleMinisters - media campaigns (eg THINK) to educate drivers RE cyclists. Safe passing, positioning, same 'entitlement' of road use.

@ralphbagge Cycle awareness training for all motorists. As part of the driving test and, as part of speeding awareness courses #askcycleministers

Traffic lights

@highwaylass Justify the claim that "jumping a red light hurts no-one but me" #AskCycleMinisters

@citycyclists Bike traffic lights: Every other country has them, even USA. Why is DfT incapable of approving them here? #askcycleministers

@mramorgan I think cyclists should receive fines for highway code offences such as ignoring traffic lights. #askcycleministers

@mzlondon What can you do to stop cyclists running red lights? Dangerous for cyclists, pedestrians, other traffic. #AskCycleMinisters

@_danalogue Education/responsibility/sanctions for the idiots that cut up other road users, run red lights, lack adequate safety gear #askcycleministers

@Markyjl @UKParliament Will you consider a trial to allow cyclists to turn left on Red given the success in France? #AskCycleMinisters

@TeddieMiliband Should cyclists be obliged to be tested for colour blindness? Particularly red/red blindness.  #AskCycleMinisters

Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs)

@SeeMeSaveMe Why is there no mandatory requirement for HGV safety technologies (eg sensors) in urban areas, as this would save lives? #askcycleministers

@RoadPeace Why is there no mandatory requirement for HGV safety technologies (eg sensors) in urban areas, as this would save lives? #askcycleministers

@echobeats101 @UKParliament #AskCycleMinisters Will you make extra convex blind-spot mirrors compulsory for lorries and buses?

@gemgemmy I would like MPs to ask: How will you make sure lorries are no longer a threat to cyclists? #AskCycleMinisters

@becksleeuk Cyclists are told not to undertake lorries but what can be done to help freight vehicle drivers protect cyclists? #AskCycleMinisters

Netherlands and Denmark

@thebikeshow Is there any reason why Britain should not seek to emulate the Netherlands & Denmark in its cycling policies? #AskCycleMinisters

@Cyclestrian please #AskCycleMinisters if they (a) understand and (b) aspire to Dutch cycle culture and infrastructure

@OwlFiftyEight @UKParliament Will Govt introduce the same legislation as in Holland and Denmark to protect cyclists and pedestrians? #AskCycleMinisters

@esde84 #askcycleministers Why don't we just introduce legislation that will enforce road and street design that matches the netherlands?

@GingerKathryn #askcycleministers Why not be like The Netherlands, where cyclists (and pedestrians) (and horses) have absolute right of way at all times?

@OllyTobias #AskCycleMinisters Why can't we have cycle lanes seperate to car users as in Copenhagen?

@markruddy Will the govt adopt principles of urban design along Dutch/Danish models & ensure guidance is given local authorities #AskCycleMinisters

@GBCycleEmbassy Please can we look to examples from countries with proven success for inspiration such as Denmark and the Netherlands? #AskCycleMinisters

Liability of motorists for accidents

@clearmapping #AskCycleMinisters Why can't we have presumption that the most dangerous vehicles (HGV, Cars) on the road is at fault in incidents? +Fined?

@KristyRev #AskCycleMinisters why can we not have the same law as in the Netherlands that initially puts motorists at fault in all accidents?

@ralphbagge Could you examine the concept of 'strict liability' as a means to address the power asymetry between HGVs and cyclists? #AskCycleMinisters

@chrisgerhard Why have you not introduced strict liability laws to help protect vulnerable road users? #askcycleministers

@tweetymike Why do the government oppose Strict Liability for all road users, when it clearly works in Europe? #AskCycleMinisters

Times #cyclesafe campaign

GBCycleEmbassy @CycleBath @thecyclingjim @CyclingDumfries @Cantala59 @walraj

@UKParliament How is the Government directly supporting @TheTimes #cyclesafe campaign manifesto? #askcycleministers

@KatsDekker #askcycleministers what are your plans to further support #cyclesafe? Only words so far; what action is to follow?

@purplegeode Will ministers commit to allocating at least 2% of budget to #cycling infrastructure, as per the #cyclesafe campaign? #AskCycleMinisters

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