Cost of motor insurance inquiry re-opened

30 June 2011

The Committee has agreed to re-open its inquiry into the cost of motor insurance, in the light of further concerns about the rising cost of premiums.

The Committee has called Jack Straw MP to give oral evidence. Mr Straw has published a paper on the rising cost of premiums which covers many of the issues raised by the Committee’s 2011 report - The cost of motor insurance. These include the recent increase in the number of personal injury claims resulting from motor accidents, the referral fees paid by solicitors and others to manage aspects of the claims process, and the role of claims management companies.

Committee Chair Louise Ellman MP today said “Motorists continue to suffer as premiums increase and there is mounting evidence that the insurance industry itself is part of the problem. Jack Straw’s research is a powerful contribution to the debate and as well as hearing what he has to say I will want to hold the insurance industry and the Government to account”.

The meeting will take place in the autumn, date to be announced, and other witnesses will be called.

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