Future of Transport Twitter banner competition: send us your designs!

18 May 2018

The House of Commons Transport Committee are in need of a new and exciting twitter banner to go on their twitter page. They would like you or your class to help them with this, by sending in your designs.

Who can participate?

Schools across the country are invited to take part, but only one of the designs will be chosen as their official twitter banner. The top three entries (winner and runners up) will also have a visit from Lilian Greenwood MP, Chair of the Transport Committee.

How do we enter the competition?

What do you think the future of transport would look like in your local community?

Use the theme above to design a 1500px 500px size banner. The content of your design and the form it takes is entirely up to you as long as it is visual.  This can include, paintings, drawings, collages or even digital artwork.

Sending your submission

Once you have finished your masterpiece, your teacher will scan it and send it to us as an email attachment.

Entries should be emailed to with the name of the school and class (if more than one from the same school is participating) as the subject heading. If you are submitting more than one entry per class, please include your name in the subject heading too (we won’t publish any names, unless you give us permission to).

Deadline for sending your entries is Friday 25 May, 2018.

Competition Guidelines

Entries should:

  • Try to be 1500x500px/ 3:1 in scale
  • Include new technology that is realistic (i.e. no spaceships )
  • Be original
  • Contain little or no text
  • Address the theme: 'the future of transport in your local community'

What happens next?

After the competition deadline on Friday 25 May, MPs from the Committee and their staff will choose three of their favourite entries.

These will be posted on their twitter page on Monday 4 June so that people get the chance to vote for their favourite. Voting will be open until Thursday 7 June.

The entry with the most votes on twitter will be announced as the winner on the Transport Committee’s twitter page on Monday 11 June.

The Transport Committee will get in touch with the schools of the top three entries to arrange a visit from the Chair of the Transport Committee.

The winning entry will replace the Transport Committee’s existing twitter banner!

Information for your teacher

Will we use your school name?

You decide. If you wish, we can include the school name with the top three entries, tweets and press releases.

Otherwise, you have the option of being noted as a "school from X constituency".

Please let us know how you’d like to be referenced.

What will the Committee use our content for?

The winning entry will be used on the Transport Committee’s official twitter page.

By working and engaging with young people, the Transport Committee will be aiming to capture interest of an audience they don’t always engage with.

Where will our content be published?

The content generated from the competition will be used across the UK Parliament’s social media channels, primarily Twitter.

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