Reaction to DfT and timetable chaos

04 December 2018

Chair's comment

Chair of the Transport Committee, Lilian Greenwood MP, said:

“Let’s bring this back to the passenger: those who stood on packed platforms waiting for delayed or cancelled trains; the employees penalised at work; the parents missing precious time with children at the start or end of the day: and the disabled passengers stranded and forgotten in the chaos.

“Our report said the Department for Transport was complacent in its attitudes towards them and still today, the Secretary of State hasn’t got the message. People will be understandably sceptical that the DfT has chosen today to announce it is forcing GTR to spend £15 million on ‘improvements for passengers.’ This has been tried before and failed.

“Passengers who’ve suffered the most severe disruption should not be asked to pay higher fares in January. The penalties on GTR and promise of benefits do not reach passengers directly. And there’s nothing in today’s announcement for rail users in the North. We’ve recommended discount 2019 fares for the worst affected season ticket holders so that passengers are guaranteed a tangible benefit. Ministers need to listen and think again, urgently.”

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