Passengers’ experiences sought via Twitter

18 July 2018

The Transport Committee is calling for anyone affected by the May 2018 rail timetabling changes to submit evidence to its inquiry via Twitter.

Send us your views

As well as being able to submit written evidence via the Committee’s website, MPs are inviting passengers to describe the impact it has had on their day to day life in a Twitter video using the #railtimetabling hashtag.

Video specifications

Videos submitted must:

  • be filmed in landscape;
  • last no more than ninety seconds;
  • contain no derogatory language or swearing;
  • avoid featuring children or non-consenting persons; and
  • avoid featuring brand names prominently where possible.

Deadline for submissions is 5 September 2018. Submissions will be used to inform the Committee's inquiry.

Please note you may be contacted for permission to use your video in further Committee material online.

Further information

Image: iStockphoto

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