Heathrow runway Cabinet approval : comment from Committee Chair

05 June 2018

The Chair of the Transport Committee has commented on the Cabinet approval of the new Heathrow runway.

Chair's comment

Chair of the Transport Committee, Lilian Greenwood MP, said:

"When the Transport Committee published its report on the Airports National Policy Statement in March – we recommended that safeguards be added before it passed to MPs for debate. Now that the final Airports National Policy Statement has been laid, we will be able to see what changes the Government has made to mitigate the significant social and environmental impacts from expansion at Heathrow.

We won’t have analysed all of the information published today in time for the debate we’ve secured on our report on Thursday this week but that debate will be a useful opportunity for all Members to consider and debate our recommendations. These plans have been more than 20 years in the making. The fallout from the decision will last much longer. It’s important we get this right."

Further information

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