Government Clean Air Strategy: Reaction from the Transport Committee Chair

22 May 2018

Lilian Greenwood MP, Chair of the Transport Committee, has commented on the Government's Clean Air Strategy Consultation.

Chair's comment

Lilian Greenwood MP said:

"Today the Government has launched a consultation on its clean air strategy. Our recent joint select committee report called for ambitious, co-ordinated, cross-departmental action yet the new draft strategy says virtually nothing about emissions from cars. It's unclear to me why the strategy to reduce emissions from road transport is not included today and will be published separately. It doesn't seem very joined-up.

Modal shift and active travel hardly get a mention. We need to have cleaner vehicles but we should also encourage different travel choices so we can reduce the total number of vehicles on our roads. Investment in low-emissions buses is welcome but is even better if accompanied by a package of measures that will help people to make the choice to use them rather than their cars. The lack of focus on transport emissions looks complacent.

The Government has rejected a ban on petrol and diesel cars before 2040. It seems that today's announcement lacks the ambition and innovation that is desperately needed to cut vehicle emissions and, more importantly, reduce our reliance on cars. I welcome the Government's recognition that emissions from diesel trains need to be reduced; but this sits uncomfortably alongside the Government's cancellation of rail electrification schemes.

From a transport point of view, I feel this strategy falls well short of what we recommended in our report."

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