Operation Stack inquiry launched

19 January 2016

The Transport Committee announces an inquiry on Operation Stack to follow up on its one-off evidence session in October 2015.

The Transport Committee took evidence on the impact of Operation Stack on 14 October 2015 following a summer in which Operation Stack was used on an unprecedented number of days. The evidence identified a number of issues on which the Committee sought the views of the Secretary of State for Transport, to which he has responded.

In November 2015 the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced funding up to £250 million for a permanent lorry park to increase resilience in Kent, by taking pressure off the roads in the event of Operation Stack. The Government will consult on a preferred site at Stanford and other alternatives shortly. In the short term, the former Manston Airport site will continue to be used as a lorry park.

Written submissions 

The Transport Committee follows up its one-off evidence session on Operation Stack with an inquiry. The Committee would be pleased to receive evidence on Operation Stack and any of the issues identified in evidence taken by the Committee on 14 October 2015.

The proposed lorry park will change the nature of Operation Stack and the Committee is particularly interested to receive evidence on:

  • The effect of a new lorry park on the planning, management and implementation of Operation Stack
  • The predicted benefits and disadvantages of changes to Operation Stack consequent on the building of a lorry park on the economy (locally and nationally) and local communities
  • The extent to which current negative impacts will be mitigated by the creation of a lorry park
  • The short-term solutions needed to improve Operation Stack while construction of a lorry park is underway
  • The other actions that central and local government need to take, including those on road maintenance and improvement, upstream and downstream from the proposed lorry park

This inquiry will not consider proposals for specific sites of any permanent lorry park, as this is a planning issue and currently being considered in consultation.

Deadline for submissions

The Committee would be grateful to receive written submissions by Monday 29 February 2016.

Further information

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