Transport Committee

Health of the bus market inquiry

Inquiry status: Concluded

Report published on 22 May 2019; Government response published on Friday 18 October 2019

Committee Report

Scope of the inquiry

The Committee is particularly interested to receive evidence on:

  • the effectiveness and ambition of the Department for Transport’s policies on buses;
  • factors affecting bus use, including the reliability of the bus service, congestion and the ways bus companies are dealing with congestion, and the effectiveness of bus priority measures;
  • the provision of services to isolated communities in rural and urban areas, and the reliance of particular communities and groups of people on bus services;
  • the viability and long-term sustainability of bus services, including the effectiveness of funding, fare structures and public grants; 
  • regulations affecting the provision of bus services and the adequacy of guidance to operators and local authorities.


Terms of reference: Health of the bus market

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