Transport Committee

Health of the bus market inquiry

Inquiry status: open - accepting written submissions

The deadline for written submissions was Monday 24 September 2018, however, the Committee is still accepting written submissions.

Scope of the inquiry

The Committee is particularly interested to receive evidence on:

  • the effectiveness and ambition of the Department for Transport’s policies on buses;
  • factors affecting bus use, including the reliability of the bus service, congestion and the ways bus companies are dealing with congestion, and the effectiveness of bus priority measures;
  • the provision of services to isolated communities in rural and urban areas, and the reliance of particular communities and groups of people on bus services;
  • the viability and long-term sustainability of bus services, including the effectiveness of funding, fare structures and public grants; 
  • regulations affecting the provision of bus services and the adequacy of guidance to operators and local authorities.


Terms of reference: Health of the bus market Send a written submission

Latest evidence

  • 26 Nov 2018 - Health of the Bus Market - oral evidence | PDF version (PDF402 KB) HC 1425 | Published 03 Dec 2018

    Evidence given by Mick Lynch, Assistant General Secretary, RMT, and Bobby Morton, National Officer, Unite the Union; Martin Dean, Managing Director, Bus Development, Go-Ahead Group plc, Bill Hiron, Chair, and Malcolm Robson, ALBUM, Alex Hornby, CEO, Trandsdev Blazefield, and Steven Salmon, Director of Policy Development, Confederation of Passenger Transport (UK) (at 5.45pm).

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