Staff assistance

Thank you very much for taking the time to submit your views to the Transport Committee. We used your submission, along with over 300 others from members of the public, to help inform the questions we put to Norman Baker MP on 3 June 2013.

The Committee will now prepare a report for publication with recommendations for improving access to transport. The report will be informed by the written and oral evidence we received and the web forum. The Government is required to issue a written response to our recommendations within two months. Both our report and the Government’s response will be published on our website.

Based on your experience, how aware are transport staff of the needs of people with different impairments including ‘hidden or less visible disability’?

Is your experience based on assistance you have booked, or on general assistance by transport staff, or both? Is there a different level of awareness between staff whose role is to provide assistance and general transport staff?

Do you have examples of good practice to share? Do you have any suggestions to improve staff assistance through training, or other methods of raising awareness among transport staff? 

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