Access to ports - oral evidence

1 July 2013


  • Richard Bird, Executive Director, UK Major Ports Group, Jim Stewart, Chairman, British Ports Association, and Chief Executive Officer, Poole Harbour Commissioners, and Clemence Cheng, Chief Executive Officer, Hutchison Ports (UK), and Warren Marshall, Group Head of Port Planning, Peel Ports
  • Chris Welsh, Director of Global and European Policy, Freight Transport Association, Adam Cunliffe, Managing Director, Freightliner, Lindsay Durham, Head of Rail Strategy, Freightliner, and John Smith, Managing Director, GB Railfreight
  • Richard Blyth, Head of Policy Practice and Research, Royal Town Planning Institute, Mark Basnett, Executive Director, Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership, Mike Ibbotson, Transport Policy Manager, Hull City Council, Richard Meeks, Network Development Manager, London Rail, Transport for London, and George Kieffer, Chairman, Haven Gateway Partnership
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