Chair nominations for Transport Committee

On Thursday 4 June 2015, nominations opened for Select Committee Chairs. On this page you can find the full list of nominees for the Transport Committee, which is updated daily during the nomination period. The Committee Chair will be a member of the Labour Party. Nominations close at 5pm on Wednesday 10 June. The ballot will be on Wednesday 17 June from 10am to 5pm.

Nominated by (own party)

Stephen Twigg, Keith Vaz, Mr Adrian Bailey, Meg Hillier, Helen Jones, Stephen Pound, Gareth Thomas, Luciana Berger, Margaret Greenwood, Mr Kevan Jones, Rosie Cooper, Jonathan Reynolds, Mike Gapes, Marie Rimmer, Ian Austin

Nominated by (other parties)

Mrs Sheryll Murray, Iain Stewart, Paul Maynard, Mr Steve Baker, Martin Vickers


I am seeking your support to be re-elected chair of the Transport Select Committee.

I have Chaired the Committee on a cross-party, consensual basis producing strong, informed reports that have influenced policy and articulated public concerns.

The committee achieved many successes in the last parliament.

We invited the public to submit suggestions for enquiries and these formed part of our programme.

Much of our work on aviation was reflected in the Davies Commission’s interim report and our enquiries on HS2 led to significant changes in approach, emphasising the importance of an integrated railway benefitting the maximum number of people.

The committee’s enquiry on motor insurance led to stronger action in identifying fraud and reducing costs. Our investigation into the coastguard service resulted in the government reducing the number of closures and abandoning plans for daylight-only coastguard resource centres. Our enquiry into fatal helicopter crashes transporting workers to oil and gas rigs led to ongoing changes in regulations. Our work on the access of disabled people to public transport has helped promote awareness of this important issue.

The new Parliament will face fresh challenges. Whilst it is for the committee to decide its programme, I anticipate this will include further work on aviation, rail, transport devolution and unequal investment in transport across the regions.

I would like to have the opportunity of chairing the new committee, addressing emerging challenges and raising the profile of transport.

I hope you feel able to support my nomination.