Experts on Parliamentary Ethics give evidence to Sub-Committee on Standards

11 July 2014

The Standards Review Sub-Committee will hold its third evidence session on Tuesday 15 July at 12.45 pm in the Grimond Room, Portcullis House. The Sub-Committee will hear evidence from:

  • Dr Ruth Fox, Director and Head of Research, Hansard Society;
  • Greg Power, Director, Global Partners and Associates;
  • Dr Elizabeth David Barrett, Director for the Study of Corruption and Transparency; Kellogg College, University of Oxford; and
  • Dr Melanie Sully, Executive Director, Institute for Go-Governance.

The aims of the inquiry are:

  • to improve confidence, both among the public and MPs, in the systems for regulating Members’ behaviour, including the Code of Conduct;
  • to ensure that the system supports and assists Members in abiding by the Rules, maintaining high ethical standards and embedding the Nolan principles in the culture of the House of Commons;
  • to ensure the regime is fit for purpose;
  • to ensure the system for dealing with alleged wrong doing is proportionate;
  • to ensure a fair process; and
  • to provide clarity, certainty and coherence in the rules, guidance and processes (which should in turn improve awareness and compliance).

The Sub-Committee has issued an issues and questions paper (PDF PDF 395 KB) and invites written submissions by Friday 8 August 2014. It would welcome general reflections, as well as answers to the specific questions posed in that paper.

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