Sub-Committee to explore how Standards issues are reported

20 October 2014

Sub-Committee to hold evidence sessions to explore the way in which Standards issues are reported and the views of sitting and former MPs.


Monday 20 October at 6.30 pm in Committee Room 6

  • James Landale, Chairman of the Parliamentary Press Gallery

Tuesday 21 October at 1.30 pm in Wilson Room, Portcullis House

  • David Howarth, Reader in Law, University of Cambridge;
    Laura Sandys MP;
  • Rt Hon Mr James Arbuthnot MP;
  • Rt Hon Mr Jack Straw MP

Aims of the inquiry:

  • to improve confidence, both among the public and MPs, in the systems for regulating Members’ behaviour, including the Code of Conduct;
  • to ensure that the system supports and assists Members in abiding by the Rules, maintaining high ethical standards and embedding the Nolan principles in the culture of the House of Commons;
  •  to ensure the regime is fit for purpose;
  • to ensure the system for dealing with alleged wrong doing is proportionate;
  • to ensure a fair process; and
  • to provide clarity, certainty and coherence in the rules, guidance and processes (which should in turn improve awareness and compliance).

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