Inquiry into conduct of Ms Margaret Moran

19 December 2012

The Committee on Standards and Privileges has decided that in the light of the outcome of the court proceedings against her it is not feasible to seek to take further disciplinary action against Ms Margaret Moran.

Ms Moran referred herself to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards following reports in the Daily Telegraph on 9 May 2009. On 2 November 2010 the Committee reported to the House that it had received a memorandum from the Commissioner reporting on his inquiry into allegations made against Ms Margaret Moran. The Committee noted that on 28 October 2010 it had received a letter from the Metropolitan Police Service, inviting it to consider the implications of publishing a Report on Ms Moran for the fairness of any potential criminal proceedings The Committee decided to postpone its consideration of the Commissioner’s memorandum to allow time for the question of possible criminal proceedings to be resolved.

Allegations relating to Ms Moran’s expense claims have now been addressed in criminal proceedings and Ms Moran has received a two year treatment and supervision order. Ms Moran repaid £6,000 during the course of the Commissioner’s investigations. A further £23,665 was withheld from her resettlement grant. Any further action is a matter for the House authorities.

The Committee has agreed to a recommendation from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards that he should close a separate inquiry into a complaint relating to Ms Moran’s use of the incidental expenses provision, administrative and office expenditure and the staffing allowance.

Taking full account of the criminal proceedings and the court’s finding that Ms Moran is unfit to plead, the Committee has agreed to end the disciplinary inquiries into Ms Moran’s conduct before she stood down as a Member of Parliament in May 2010.

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