Mr Elliot Morley

14 June 2011

The Committee has agreed to a proposal from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards that he should close his inquiry into allegations of misconduct relating to Mr Elliot Morley. Allegations relating to Mr Morley’s expense claims have been addressed in criminal proceedings and Mr Morley has received a substantial prison sentence. The Committee agrees it is not proportionate to proceed with a further inquiry.

Mr Morley referred himself to the Commission following reports in the Daily Telegraph on 14 May 2009. The Committee agreed that the Commissioner should accept this self referral, but that the investigation should be suspended until the police had decided what action to take on the allegations. Following police investigations, on 7 April 2011 Mr Morley pleaded guilty to two charges of false accounting under the Theft Act1968, relating to claims he had made for the repayment of mortgage interest. On 20 May Mr Morley was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment on each count, to run concurrently.


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