Experts questioned on provision of pensions in a separate Scotland

09 May 2013

The Scottish Affairs Committee takes evidence on the provision of pensions on Tuesday 14 May 2013.

The Committee is exploring several subjects to help the people of Scotland make an informed choice in the forthcoming referendum on separation. One of these subjects is the provision of pensions in a separate Scotland, particularly important in light of its ageing population.

Purpose of the session

This evidence session, with several pensions’ experts, hopes to explore questions such as:

  • What would be the implications of Scotland providing a different pension system to that of the UK?
  • Would Scotland inherit liabilities relating to public sector pensions?
  • How would it compensate pensioners who are in schemes that become insolvent?
  • How would Scotland comply with EU rules on cross border pension schemes?


Tuesday 14 May

At 2.30pm in Committee Room 15, Palace of Westminster

  • Ronald Bowie, Senior Partner at Hymans Robertson, Pensions Consultancy
  • Professor David Bell, University of Stirling
  • David Wood, Executive Director, Technical Policy and Services, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS)
  • Christine Scott, Assistant Director, Charities and Pensions, ICAS

Further information

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